Artemas Stanley Tyler

This is Stanley Cushing's Father, the Lowell, MA Banker
Family Bible Data:

November 2, 1824 — Oct 14, 1901
Married Angeline Cushing October 12, 1854
Stanley Cushing was born June 4, 1857.
Artemas Lawrence was born September 7, 1860.
Angeline died 5 days after Artemas Lawrence was born.

Aretmas Stanley then married Ethalinda Cushing
     (Angeline's sister) July 17,1862.
Their children were:
Fanny Maria (Mariah) July 11, 1867 — May 21, 1882
Ethalinda Sept 10, 1871 — July 19, 1872.

Stanley Cushing married Mary Elizabeth Ayers
     of Charlestown, MA. January 31, 1884.
See page SCT-03.html for names and birthdates of their children
     so far as they are known.

Artemas Lawrence married Florence Whittier.
Their daughter Helen was born February 28, 1893
Artemas Lawrence or Florence died December 18, 1897.
Artemas Lawrence went to the Texas Panhandle for a time, but then
     moved to Colorado Springs. He either died there or back in Lowell.

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