Timber Cove Subdivision, Granbury, Texas


Owen & real estate man, Albert Land check out the back.

They stand at the back of the driveway looking at the post oak trees.
The builder will plant St. Augustine grass in the near future, so it will get started before winter.


This is what is known as a wooded lot.
That is, it's a lot of woods!
It's also a lot of lot!

It is 151' X 220', the largest we've had except for one.
The builder will put in raised beds around the back of the house.
Our lot ends where the trees do.
Across the fence in the clearing, they are developing a new subdivision for water skiers.
They'll have their own private lake! It's the newest concept in communities, we understand.


Looking west from porch

Lot next door begins with the grass.
We've always lived in arid country, and never in the woods.
This will be a very new experience for us.

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