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Between San Francisco and Hilo, Hawaii

Trip Day Seven: Friday, September 28, 2007

At Sea

The Sun Rises at 6:36 AM

At least it may have been 6:36 AM. By the time this was taken, we had sailed two days and three nights, and would have turned clocks back twice. Was the camera time field updated as well? That's a good question.
What to do on sea days?

People imagine that sea days are uneventful, but that's not the case. There's is always plenty of entertainment available on the ship, such as movies and lectures about your itinerary and destination and other topics. Eating 3 gormet meals a day calls for some exercise. The ship provides a gym with up-to-date exercise equipment, and they offer classes, and there's always plain old walking the deck. Three laps on the Sun Princess Promanade Deck is a mile. We tried to do two miles every day — or at least one if seas were a bit choppy. This cruise had wine tastings and photography, and computer lessons and demonstrations of various kinds such as how to make martinis. We surely didn't know there were so many varieties. Sea days allow time for that book you've been wanting to read. Cruise ships have well-stocked libraries.

Some Tense Moments

We did have an event about 32 hours out of San Francisco that wasn't on the schedule.
Owen woke up about 4 AM on September 27th. Shortly after his awakening the lights went out and everything was quiet — we were adrift with no power what so ever! After waiting about an hour he awakened me and we used our flashlights to find clothes and get dressed and gather coats and valuables out of the safe incase the worst might happen. In about another hour the air conditioning fans came back on. We knew they would have full power back soon, and they did. Of course, the computer did it.

What's next?

We will visit the Big Island of Hawaii next. Pictures will be taken on a trip up the east coast where we will see some waterfalls and much more.

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