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At Sea

Trip Day Seventeen: Monday, October 8, 2007

Between Tahiti and Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Looking Aft

A foggy horizon and rain drops on our balcony rail attest to the fact that we have just passed through a rain shower. Our Garmin remote antenna stays neatly attached to the rail. This antenna is really for mariners, but we find it fun to keep up with our location on our handheld Garmin GPS receiver. Cruise ships routinely broadcast this information on the stateroom TV, but you have to wait through a lot of other information that has become boring after the first day or two on board. Without this antenna we would have to hold the receiver outside the steel hull of the ship to get satellite reception.
It's 7:41 AM and all is well.


This is the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 5:46 PM local time, whatever that is.

Looking Forward to Rarotonga

Rarotonga pictures are next.

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