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At Sea

Trip Day Twenty-six: Thrusday, October 18, 2007

The New Zealand East Coast South of Auckland

8:24 AM and the seas are calm.

The water must be very deep of the New Zealand coast for us to be able to travel so close to land. Quite often when sailing along a coast, we are not within sight of land.

12:09 PM ~ The seas are kicking up a little bit.

This is likely the opening of Cook Strait, the ocean passage between North and South islands.
Looking Off Our Port Balcony at 1:30 PM

It Was Pretty Rocky By 6:03 PM.

That was the night that the ship pitched and Pat slept on the couch so her body could roll from side to side in stead of pitching from head to toe. The bed was parallel with the length of the ship and the sofa was sitting perpendicular to the bed.

Here is a link to a short video clip of the seas just a few minutes after the above picture was taken. This is an AVI file for Windows Media Player. But it is a 22 MB download. So you really need a Cable or DSL Internet connection or better for this to be practical for you. To download it, click this link: A Video of Rocky Seas

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