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At Sea

Trip Day Twenty-seven: Friday, October 19, 2007

The New Zealand Coast Near Christchurch

Spectular Sunrise at 5:28 AM

Pink Sunrise Reflected Off The Haze

These pictures were taken from the public deck just down the hall from our stateroom at the front of the ship. So it was easy to pop out there to monitor the progress of our arrival in Lyttelton, the port city for nearby Christchurch.
By 6:17 AM we had turned the corner and were headed toward the mouth of Diamond Harbour and the Port of Lyttelton.
South Shore of Diamond Harbour

The Southern Alps!

We rounded a headland and there they were! Looking west across the bay we see the snow-capped Southern Alps which will be our destination on the day trip we will take aboard the Tranz Alpine Express train. We will then ride back from Arthur's Pass by way of motor coach and stop at a ranch for lunch, then stop at a sheep farm on the Canterbury Plain, and visit an estate developed by one of the area pioneers to enjoy tea and their beautifully landscaped gardens followed by a short tour of the city of Christchurch on the way back to the ship. Those pictures are next.

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