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The Blue Mountains

Trip Day Thirty-three: Friday, October 26, 2007

Katoomba Coal Mine

Want to work here for a few years?

Want to bet that the entryway was as wide as it is now back when the mining was active?


There is a short board walk through the rainforest. Perhaps you could see that there was light rain in the rainforest while we visited, so our group kind of hurried along.

We loaded on the tram for the ride back up the escarpment.
There was a bolt of lightening, and the tram didn't go. We were glad it happened before the car began the flight up the cliff. We felt better stranded at the terminus than we would have if we had been left swinging in mid air. They had the tram going in short order, so we only had an amusing story to tell, but no hardship.

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