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Sydney, Australia

Trip Day Thirty-three: Friday, October 26, 2007

They Ferry Landing

We are approaching Sydney with it's hustle and bustle. It's really a lovely city.

Then we were back to the ferry docks at Circular Quay. It didn't take long to find a ferry to Darling Harbour on their schedules. We didn't know it, but I suspect we could have transferred from one ferry to another at no extra charge. But anyway, we bought tickets to get to Darling Harbour. That was the only time we noticed an Aussie be anything less than helpful and curtious. The lady in the ferry ticket booth was not pleased to process our credit card for the ferry fare.

We were happy to see that the bridge climbers hadn't been shirking their duties while we had been out-of-town in the Blue Mountains.


Looking Back
Sydney's Skyline Glitters As Evening Approaches.

This concludes out pictures from the trip to the Blue Mountains. We spent the next day at Darling Harbour and on a luncheon cruise of Sydney Harbour. If you missed those pictures you can quickly access them by clicking the Sydney button below, then use the Sydney Page Navigator and click the first button on the third row for Darling Harbour and the fourth row for the Harbour Cruise.

If you have been following along, our next venue will be Port Douglas on Australia's northeastern coast. From there we have some great pictures from our snorkeling adventure on the Great Barrier Reef and our visit to Daintree National Park in the rainforest.

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