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Queensland, Australia

Mirage Resort, Port Douglas

Trip Day Thirty-five: Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zai Japanese Restaurant

Zai Restaurant is set in a beautiful garden.

Our server posed with Owen while she poured some Japanese beer for him.

Gee, Owen Tyler will say, There I am eating again! He really doesn't eat all the time.
In fact, the irony was that we found it difficult to find meals while at the Mirage Resort. Pat had chosen the resort because it was one of the few places in Port Douglas that has on-site restaurant service. Most of the accommodations offered in-suite kitchens, but no food service. But we didn't realize that the village offered many restaurants nearby. Mirage is not within walking distance of town. We arrived on Sunday when the Mirage restaurants were closed. All they offered was a seafood buffet for $75 a plate. We eventually found a sandwich shop which was closing for the evening, but the young lady who ran the shop did fix sandwiches for us. We also bought some large cookies and rolls which we ate for breakfast in our room the next two days.

The View Above

Our next pictures will be from our snorkeling excursion on the Great Barrier Reef. Please come along to see these fabulous pictures.

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