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Queensland, Australia

Daintree National Park

Trip Day Thirty-seven: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh, What a lovely bunch of bananas!

This is a field of bananas. When they are harvested, the whole tree is cut down. It's kind of like a flower where the whole stem dies when the flower has matured. Bananas grow in clusters, and there is soon a new tree to take the place of the one that has matured.

Banana stalk

with flower still creating more fruit.

Civilization In The Forest

We have come to some gardens on a little farm in the forest. These folks offer a rest stop and few things for sale and welcome tourists.

Durian Fruit

Also known as "Stinky Fruit," this sign is commonly seen at hotels in areas where the Durian fruit grows. Here's a link for those curious to know more about this fruit that grows all over the tropics.

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