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Queensland, Australia

Daintree National Park

Trip Day Thirty-seven: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plants of the Forest

Licuala merguiensis a Rare Australian Fan Palm

When we say fan palm in the United States we refer to a different palm entirely. This palm remains a small plant and growns mainly in the Kuranda area. It is the only member of the the Licuala genus in Australia. They are resticted to the wet tropics and able to deal with the hurricane danger. A nice and remarkable tree of the rainforrest indeed.

Trees Host Other Plants

The tree on the left has several fungi dwelling on its trunk, and a vine reaches for the sky via trunk of the tree on the right.

Lovely Palm-like Speciman

Not a palm and not a fern, this female Cycas revoluta with the dark purplish fronds has but one cone clustered in the very center of the plant. The cycads are an ancient group of cone-bearing plants (i.e. gymnosperms). Those interested in more details may follow this link.

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