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Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Trip Day Thirty-six: Monday, October 29, 2007

We Move On To Site #2.

Enroute to second site we had a snack and warmed up a bit. The early spring water temperature is not frigid, but it's not a bathtub either. Pat was still chilled from the first snorkel session, so stayed on the boat.

Gathered for a Tour

Some of the snorkelers used noodles to aid their bouyancy in the water. Pat found the aid unnecessary as she bobbed in the salt water like a cork. Perhaps it had something to do with body contours.
The reefs are easy to see from the surface, as they reflect a light greenish color.
This group gathers at the edge of the reef waiting for our naturalist guide to lead them on a tour around the edge of the reef. Weaker swimmers had the option of staying closer to the boat.

Photo by Wavelength Crew

Photo by Wavelength Crew

Photo by Wavelength Crew

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