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Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Trip Day Thirty-six: Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo by Wavelength Crew
Swimmer's View

Breakers on Outer Reef

If there was any doubt that we were on the outer reef, here's a picture of the breakers that were not far away. Needless to say, we were warned to stay away from them. If you've ever played in the breakers on a sandy beach you won't need to ask why stay away from them out in the ocean on a hard-as-rock coral reef. It would not be a pleasant experience to be dashed upon the reef by them.

It was 2:42 PM and time to load up for the drive back to Port Douglas.

Low Islands

This is a popular spot for a time out for people sightseeing on the Barrier Reef.
The island offers sandy beaches for those craving some sun time.

Navigation Light

On The Road Between The Reefs.

Yes, they do. They follow charted pathways through the reefs to prevent as much damage as possible.

4:19PM And Nearly To Port Douglas

Owen Tyler relaxs as we enter the channel separating the Port Douglas peninsula from the mainland.

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