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Sydney Harbour

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Passenger Terminal

Tour busses are waiting for those transferring to the airport or hotels arranged through Princess Cruises, Inc. Since neither is the case for us, we will have to find our own transportation to the hotel. It was only about 3 blocks away, but we couldn't manage the trip on foot because of the luggage.
7:41 AM ~ Some Disembarked Early — probably Australian Crew.
Sydney Volunteer Helps Passengers

We watched for a long time while this gentleman helped passengers down the stairs to the quay. Sometimes he would grab hand luggage to help those struggling with it. We have no idea why the terminal ramp system there to ease disembarkation were not used that day. Terminal ports usually do have ramp systems to aid passengers with hand luggage, but we used the ship's portable stairway pictured above.

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