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Sydney, Australia

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Circular Quay

The Transportation Center

Borrowed from a locally produced guide book, this picture illustrates the little harbor known as the Circular Quay. This is the location of the ferry docks, an elevated train station adjacent to the ferry docks, and all the local bus routes stop acorss the street from the train station. The Overseas Passenger Terminal serving cruise passengers is on the right side of the harbor. All of that in addition to upscale shopping and hotels on the shore at left and the Sydney Opera House is just out of the picture. It sort of looks like some planning went into this area. Of course, that's the first place we went after checking into our hotel.
This is Where It All Is At!

These Aboriginies with their stock of didgeridoos will entertain for a few coins.

Aboriginal Inspired Design

Art gallery on the quay displayed these beautiful art glass pieces.

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