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Sydney Harbour

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Circular Quay

Another View Of The Harbour Bridge
Notice the specks on the left top span of the bridge. These specks are really groups of people climbing the bridge! This is a very popular activity for people in Sydney. We had planned to make reservations to do this, but decided to wait until we got there to see how our schedules were going. About time we got to New Zealand, we were glad we hadn't made the reservations, because our knees were really complaining about all of our stair climbing. For more information on this popular activity go to Prices start at $179AUD and there are no refunds for cancelled reservations. The view of this georgeous harbor area cannot be surpassed. Do be sure to go to the Bridge Climb web site and click the panoramic view from the Bridge. The picture is breathtaking.
Except during our 5:45 AM arrival, we never saw the bridge without at least two
or three groups on it. So it would seem that advance reservations
are recommended for this unique Sydney activity.

Elevated Train Tracks Near Station Entrance

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