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Downtown Sydney

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Room at the Radisson
Hotel and Suites

72 Liverpool Street
radisson Entry

Two Big Beds

We usually don't like more than one bed in a room because it becomes a "room full of beds." But this room was plenty large enough to handle the beds.
Too bad I didn't bring the laptop.

The picture window opens to a small balcony, large enough to step out
for the view and a breath of ... fresh fumes.
The electrical socket (110 or 120 for shavers only) worked perfectly for the camera battery charger. We found that to be true in the Venice hotel a couple of years ago too.

Current Converter Failed

Our current converter shown plugged into the wall socket did not work perfectly for the transformer for my Wolverine ESP photo storage harddrive. When I plugged it in there was a quick Psst! and a tiny cloud of smoke. The transformer was history.(Thankfully, the Wolverine harddrive was not damaged.) This little gizmo has the intelligence to copy pictures from camera memory cards without the need for a computer. Then it is seen as another drive on the computer when attached via the USB port. The ruined transformer promped a trip down town to buy another 4GB SD Card, so we had a total of 14 GB of storage for the little Canon Powershot SD800 IS.
Just a Block from Darling Harbour

Our travel agent, Barry Russo, of Clearwater Cruises recommended this hotel and he suggested we book with, which we did. This saved us more than $100 per day over other hotels in the area! The people at the front desk could not have been more helpful. It rained the night we arrived in Sydney, and the taxi they had ordered for us to go to the opera didn't show up. One of the girls at the desk actually went out in the rain and walked a block to try to hail a cab for us! ... That's another story.

Next, we tour the Sydney Opera House then attend a performance.

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