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Sydney Opera House

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Opera at the Opera House

We Attended The Opera

Now, we couldn't go to Sydney without attending the opera could we?

Props On Stage

If you are late to a performance, you don't get in. Period. We were fearful that it might happen to us on the night we arrived in Sydney. We had planned to get there in plenty of time. The hotel restaurant was so slow. We later learned that they do not have an in-house kitchen and all has to be catered in. It was raining and the cab they ordered for us didn't show up. We stood outside and tried to hail a cab, even a desk clerk tried. Finally, when we were about to give up, a cab dropped a client across the street. We called to him and he waited for us to cross the street. The cabbie dropped us at the reception area where we didn't have terribly far to go to get into the building and to our seats. Fortunately, we had spotted our excellent seat location during the tour earlier. We were close to the stage.
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Opera House Seating

Learn about everything about the Sydney Opera House at their Web Site.


Unfortunately, the cabbie who brought us to the theater, didn't promise to pick us up later. So, we were on our own again. We couldn't get a cab no matter what. Eventually we walked back up to a roundabout near the Circular Quay. Lots of people were getting cabs there. But they were all reserved. Then Owen noticed that cabs were driving down the street a block away. We ran that block to try to catch one of them. And one of them stopped for us. Why they were all up there and not down near the Opera House after the performance is a mystery to us. Thankfully, we got back to our hotel safely with only a story to tell.

That concludes our first day in Sydney.
Our Next Pictures will be from Darling Harbour.

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