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Sydney, Australia

Trip Day Thirty-four:
Saturday, October 27, 2007

Darling Harbour

They have had fun with the architecture here.

It's all designed to draw people to the area. At left, youngsters navigate the spiral fountain in front of the Convention Centre. This space makes us think of the Fort Worth Water Garden, on a much smaller scale. It is a fountain with a gentle stream of water flowing down the spiraling mini steps. Harbourside, pictured on the right, is a Promenade Eatery. This is very much like the food courts that are ubiquitous in American Mall shopping centers. The façade gives is a very grand and inviting presence and gives access to Novotel just behind it.
It was early spring, and we decided this was the perfect time to visit Australia. The air is warm, but not hot, and the crowds have not yet come out.

IMAX Theater

The theater shares that valuable frontage with the Meat and Wine Company that is positioned just right for hungry theater goers in the busy season.
Although we took in an IMAX show in Hong Kong, we didn't do so in Sydney.

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