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Sydney, Australia

Trip Day Thirty-three: Friday, October 26, 2007

Darling Harbour @ Night

We saw so many interesting restaurants at Darling Harbour the afternoon before, that we couldn't resist returning there for dinner after our tour to the Blue Mountains on Friday. We dined on shellfish Italian-style at the Baia San Marco. It was everything that we could have expected. The location was unusual in that it wrapped around a bank of escalators going to the upper levels of the building (below right). Darling Harbour wasn't so busy during the afternoons when we were there, but it was very busy with young people out for a good time on Friday night. Enough of them rode the escalators that our interest was piqued for an inspection the next day when we came back for a harbor cruise.



Baia San Marco Restaurant
What is it about lights reflecting on water?
Friday Night Crowds at Darling Harbour

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