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Sydney, Australia

Trip Day Thirty-four: Saturday, October 27, 2007

Darling Harbour

Monorails are not just for Disney.

This one makes a loop around Darling Harbour, downtown, and right past our hotel.
Sadly, we never did take that ride that we intended.

A Row Of Matilda Yachts

We were surprised to see this girl sacking out on the walkway at 11:00 AM.
Young people seemed perfectly comfortable to take a snooze on the waterfront.
And the picture was taken on a Saturday, after a very busy Friday night in Darling Harbour.

A Pair Of River Boats
mv Sydney 2000

We are here to board this cruise boat for a luncheon harbor cruise.
We have yet to pay for our reserved tickets for the 12:00 Departure.
We arrived at the dock adjacent to a ticket office at a little after eleven.
We were way early. The employees hadn't arrived as yet.

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