The Panama Canal

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Our Escort

After having spent so much time on the fore deck. It was time to go to our private balcony and put the feet up for a bit. This gave a chance to see our tug boat escort that will stay with us for the canal transit. The U. S. army didn't leave the Panamanians a bunch of old, worn-out equipment. This tug and the others we saw looked pretty new.

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Miraflores Locks

We're getting close to the locks now, so it's time to get back out on deck, up front.
We have to peek over shoulders this time. But they were nice to let us in to get a
picture when needed.

Watch the progression of the container ship just ahead of us and the one in the
lock on the right—it looks like a tall white building.
The locks are in pairs so that ships can go in both directions at the same time.
All the traffic is going toward the Atlantic at these locks right now.
The ship ahead of us just got in the lock, and the water level is still sea level.

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It's not easy to see, but now you can see the water around our neighbor.
Water has flowed in from the next lock, and the level has risen about 28 feet.
Those on the rail at the top of Sun Princess have a better perspective on this.
We'll take a closer look at this on the next page.

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