The Panama Canal

A Little R & R

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They had expected to pay a toll of $174,000 for our transit through the canal today.
Royal Caribbean's Rapsody of the Seas paid the highest—$177,000.
The least was 36¢ paid by a swimmer, Richard Halliburton in 1928.
I wonder what this little guy had to pay for his little cruise around the canal..

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A Resort on Shore

Here, we thought the canal was all business. But here's a resort somewhere near the middle.
It was probably for the U.S. military men to get a little relaxation when they were off duty.
The weather can be pretty miserable during part of the year, at least.

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It's been tough getting the Sun Princess this far through the canal, gotta get a little rest.
Somebody ought to pay him for wearing that hat all the time. He wear's it everywhere.

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