The Temple of Heaven

Tour Day Five: Wednesday, April 25, 2001

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At Last! The Temple of Heaven

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Roof Detail

This where I veered off to the left with my eye on the view ahead instead of the route my feet were taking. This paving was not irregular or damaged like so many, but that little 2-inch curb got me. My foot went off the edge of the stone, and I went down hitting my head and breaking my glasses. Worse, the camera had lost vital part. This carelessness could have caused serious injury and ended the trip for us!

Fortunately, The camera was repaired with a band aid, and my glasses were glued by John Poon of Frames. The Optical, a shop at the Palace Hotel.

Left: This was a test photo to see if the camera still worked after the fall.

Sedan Chair

I wish space had permitted the camera angle and distance required to show the immensity of this chair and its rails.

In ancient times, high ranking people in the East were transported in these chairs. As many men as necessary grabbed the rails and hefted them to their shoulders, and off they went. The ride provided was much more comfortable than those provided by wagons or carriages on the rough roads used in those days.

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As we left the temple complex, people sat along the covered walkway enjoying themselves. A musician playing an Erhu found his way to the camera lense.

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Peach Blossoms

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