The Ming Tombs

Tour Day Four: Tuesday, April 24, 2001

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The Gate to the Changling
This ceremonial area is prelude to the emperor's actual tomb.

At left center, part of our group strolls slowly as yellow-jacketed Richard, our CITS guide in Beijing, gives information on what we will expect to see here.

Out of camera view, vendors booths flank the paved area to the right and left. At these booths you can buy souvenirs, bottled water and soft drinks, and other miscellaneous items.

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The Changling
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Ling'en (Prominent Favor) Hall
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Build on a three-tiered marble terrace, the hall covers an area of more than 17,600 sq. feet. There are 32 giant unpainted nanmu (a fine hardwood) pillars in the hall, nearly 4 feet in diameter and 43 feet tall. It was once the site where they held sacrificial ceremonies.
Left: Here sits the emporer waiting to impress his will on all who may approach.

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We're looking back at the Changling from Ling'en Hall.

The tour optionally continued to the Dingling Underground Palace for our group. That is the actual tomb of the emperor for which this complex was build. But it was another mile of walking and many, many more stairs to negotiate. So we opted to wait for them here.

We will visit the Temple of Heaven next.

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