The Palace Hotel, Beijing

April 23rd through April 25th 2001

The Service

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Hotel Bankers

Although we brought Chinese currency with us, we needed change and to cash travelers checks. These young ladies were happy to help us with all our banking needs. The currency is named Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang, and the unit is the yuan (you-on).    ¥ is the symbol.

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And For Your Dining Pleasure ...

These lovely yound ladies serenaded during our evening meal each day. The lady on the left played the four-string Pipa. And the musician on the right played the 21-string guzheng. The lady in the background appeared to be playing another guzheng.

Many Thanks to ...

John Poon of Frames. The Optical,
a shop in the hotel shopping mall.

When Pat broke her glasses in a fall at The Temple Heaven, John repaired them, and refused to accept any payment. If the photographer had, had herself together better at the time, photos of him and his store would appear in this space.

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We will visit Xi'an (She-on), the home of the Terra Cotta Warriors next.

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