The City of Guangzhou (Canton)

Tour Day 20: Thursday, May 10, 2001

( Pronounced Gwan - Joe )

A Cantonese Restaurant

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The Bakery Downstairs

This bakery had all sorts of good things for sale.

Now Comes The Interesting Things.

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Eels? or Snakes?

The Chinese people like their food fresh. This restaurant offered live fish and other critters. The customer would tell the attendant what they wanted. The attendant would catch it and bag it. The customer would pay the price, then take it upstairs to a part of the restaurant that we didn't see. We were told they were taking the items up to a kitchen up there, where their dinner was prepared with the fresh catch.

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Fish and Lobsters

All the live lobster I have seen are gray, but here's a red one. But there he is, upper-left.

This place is kind of like a lot of U.S. restaurants that keep live lobsters for the customers to choose for their dinner. So, it's not so different after all, the Chinese just have a little more variety in their tanks.

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We've had lunch, now it's time to go to the train station for the trip to Hong Kong.
The national holiday has been over for three days now, so we did have a place to sit in the brand-new railroad depot. We had to laugh about the Chinese love of stairways.
Although this was a new building, the restrooms were three flights up and one down from the waiting room seating area!

Hong Kong Next!

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