The City of Guilin

Tour Day 19: Wednesday, May 9, 2001

( Pronounced Gway - Lin )

University Art Gallery

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Art Gallery

The professors and teachers invested their own money to open and run the university. They run an art gallery to help support the college. Most of the work in the gallery are trite pieces you might see anywhere tourists might see them. But there were a few pieces that were nice. The gallery assistant at left holds one of those. It's the one we bought.

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What better souvineer of our Li River Cruise could we have?

This was painted by one of the art professors at the university.

We had them take the canvas off the stretcher (and out of the frame) and roll it for shipping. They didn't use a mailing tube, so the canvas was wrinkled and a little damaged in shipping. But we'll get it restretched and framed and it will be just fine.

With that introduction we will proceed to the pictures of the countryside from our ride to embark on our Li River Cruise boat.

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