The City of Hangzhou

Tour Day 17: Monday, May 7, 2001

Tea Production Brigade

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The Tea Tasting

The Number One Tea Packer explains tea brewing technique while her assistant pours boiling water and Roger Presburger checks out the label on the tea can.

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Brew It In A Glass ...

so that you can see the leaves unfold and float. Hold the glass with your thumbs and index fingers on the rim and edge of the bottom and you won't burn your hands. Take deep breaths and enjoy the aroma.

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The Nixon Grade Is The Best Grade You Can Buy.

The very best grade is reserved for the leaders of the country, just as it was reserved for the emperors in days of old.

Number One Tea Packer is a pretty good tea salesman too. Most of us bought several cans after she demonstrated how fully she packed the cans.

The Chinese people hold President Nixon in high regard. He is the one who traveled to China and got the country to open itself to the rest of the world. Their economy has improved since then and so has their standard of living.

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You're in for a treat, as we will visit Fen Yang Villa next. This garden is so beautiful that they have even duplicated it in Vancouver, B. C.!

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