China Experience

23 days - April 21st through May 13th, 2001

Our Guides: Beijing To Shanghai

Our guides were college-educated, local experts supplied to Pacific Delight by Chinese International Travel Service (CITS). They spoke English quite well, and they taught us much about Chinese history and culture. They were there to answer any of the multitudes of questions that came to our minds. They accompanied us on all excursions while we were in their cities.

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This is Richard, our guide in Beijing.

Richard worked especially hard for us because Beijing was our introduction to China. It is the capital, and we stayed there longer than other locations. We visited more sites in and around Beijing than any other place. And I've a feeling there's that much more to see in Beijing, too.

Above left: Richard tells us about the firing process at the cloisonné factory.
Above right: Paul Bojevsky listens as Richard explains a point while we were at the Ming Tombs.

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Wei Wei (Way Way) was our guide in Xi'an.

We were at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an when these pictures were taken.

She imparts interesting information that Joel notes, and Marc makes sure he has understood the point correctly. Vivian and Paul Levin look on while Bill checks his camera in the background.

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Miss Tong of Shanghai

While visiting the Children's Palace in Shanghai, she exhibited and intimate knowledge of the facility. We wondered if she had a child enrolled there.

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