China Experience

23 days - April 21st through May 13th, 2001

Our Group In Hong Kong

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Breakfast @ The Peninsula for the Bojevskys ...

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And the Presburgers too ...

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Julie & Vivian at the Victoria Peak Overlook

Vivian had come to China in the late seventies.
She said it like she was in another country on this trip.

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Paul & Julie on Hong Kong Island

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Owen & Pat on Hong Kong Island

Post Script:
We gave Renee a hug goodbye at Narita Airport in Tokyo. She was going directly to San Francisco from there. Renee, we do hope our paths will cross again sometime. The Gregories took a plane directly to the mid-west from Narita. The others from the east coast took different flights out of Hong Kong. While the rest of us took the flight to Los Angeles.

Can you believe that on that long flight to Los Angeles, while we were in the air, a woman in our row climbed on the arm rests to adjust the air vent. She lost her balance and fell on Pat! Guess what, she broke her glasses again too! So Pat was in the dark (her shades) for a few more days until she could get them reglued, then a new pair made.

Well, it took longer to process the pictures and put the Web site together than it took to take the pictures, but has been almost as much fun. It has been a pleasure reliving the trip through them. And it has been fun seeing all our new friends thorough their pictures. I can only hope that the viewer enjoys the pictures half as much. You are to be complimented if you have stayed through all 990 of these pictures.

Many thanks for taking your time to look at all these photos. Please come back and visit another part of the Tylers' Travels Web site soon.

Sincerely, Pat Tyler

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