The City of Shanghai

Tour Day 13: Thursday, May 3, 2001

The Bund

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This Is The Bund!

Right above: The building with the green pyramid tower is the historic Peace Hotel on the corner of Nanjing Road, a famous shopping mall that we will visit later. Incidently, Three of our group had visited here fifteen or more years ago. They remembered these buildings as the tallest and most prestigeous in Shanghai at that time. All the skyscrapers have been built within the past ten years, i.e., since 1990.

Bund Waterfront is the financial and business center where historical European architecture still exists. The word bund is German, meaning meeting or meeting place — from what I can surmise from the Web page titles that came up with a search on Bund. In Shanghai, the term applies to the street where all the large bank and other business buildings were centered when Shanghai was under European control. Across the street from the business buildings is Huangpu Park that runs along the river. And Haungpu Park was certainly a meeting place when we were there on May 3rd, the third day of the National Mayday Holiday.

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Haungpo Park on the Haungpo River

The Oriental Pearl television broadcast tower dominates the skyline of the Pudong district across the river from Haungpo Park.

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Our hotel, the Grand Hyatt in the Jin Mao Building, is the tallest building in the skyline across the river.

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The Holiday Mood Prevails On The Bund!

While some of the people enjoy their holiday, others keep the shipping industry moving.

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