The City of Shanghai

Tour Day 14: May 4, 2001

Shanghai Train Station

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Our View Of The Jin Mao Building

The Grand Hyatt occupies the top 36 floors of the building.

It's time for us to leave Shanghai and take the train to Wuxi. We'll make a brief stop at the train station as we go.

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The New Shanghai Train Station
Soft-Seat Waiting Room

Tickets that include the soft-seat waiting room are more expensive.
But if there's no seat there it's a moot point. Remember, the May Day national holiday is still in full swing. And We didn't have to wait too long though. If you think this looks crowded, you should have seen the hard-seat waiting room. This was a Friday, and many were taking the train home from their holiday in Shanghai.

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Please join us in Wuxi next.

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