The City of Suzhou

Tour Day 16: Sunday, May 6, 2001

#1 Silk Factory & Choyers

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This is the retail outlet for the silk factory. Filled with tempting silk products of many kinds, it is hard to leave the store.

Quilt Buying
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sill factory 2
Photo by Gavin Wang

Gavin mentioned that he had heard that the Choyers store had been enlarged. Our recollections of the store compared to his recent pictures confirm his information. His pictures show a much glitzier, more upscale, and larger facility than the one we saw five years ago.

He proudly tells us that Suzhou is the Silk Capital of China and that their production accounts for 1/3 of China's silk export. If you have noticed the much greater availability of silk garments of all descriptions in recent years, you will realize that this statistic describes a huge amount of product. This store could do a booming mail order / internet business if they were set up to do this, judging from the number of inquiries we have received from people trying to buy from them.

sill factory 1
Photo by Gavin Wang

I'll take one of these, and one or those, and one of those ...
The garments on display here are of high quality and beautiful.

Our thanks to Gavin Wang for sharing his pictures with us.

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Well, we did eventually leave the store.

But, we did have to buy a duvet and a couple of scarves. Time permitted no more than this.
This small garden adds a centerpiece to the parking area.

Next we will linger a bit in Lingering Garden.

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