The Terra-cotta Warriors

Tour Day Seven: Friday, April 27, 2001

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The Infantry

The Circle Vision Movie told how the warriors were made and about their underground tomb. Originally they were protected by the earthen walls that have been undisturbed in the excavations, and there were wooden crossbeams supporting a roof over their heads before the whole thing was buried.

The emperor's enemies discovered the burial place, broke in and set fire to it. The wooden supports collapsed and the army badly damaged and truly buried.

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Condition Before Cleanup

Here we see the depressions left on the earthen support walls by the cross beams that supported the roof

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Original Condition

On the two sides of the sectional wall there are the remains of the pillars. Their diameters are about 12 inches. The distance between pillars is 3 feet 4 inches to 4½ feet.

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