Yangtze River @ Fengdu

Tour Day Nine: Sunday, April 29, 2001

What Do You Do When The Docks Are Full?

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You Use Another Boat For A Dock, That's What!

Fengdu Ghost City has become the hottest tourist, attraction in the Three Gorges Scenic Area along the Yangze River. And we were due to take the tour there. There was no place at the docks for us. That didn't create a problem for our captain. He just pulled along side another cruise boat and moored our boat there. The Pinghu looked as if it were a luxury cruiser catering to Chinese tourists.

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Theirs and Ours

To get to shore, our group took the narrow stairs — ladder really — to the lower deck and laced their way to a side door, and proceded to cross the Pinghu's lower deck. Eventually they found their way to the dock and the tour bus. We did not disembark, as we were a bit under the weather that day.

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We are nearing the town Wushan. We will visit there and take a sampan up the Daning River to see the very scenic Three Small Gorges.

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