Filipino Crew Show

Day 8: Sunday, April 17, 2005

On the Holland America Line ships, Filipino nationals take care of the beverage business and staff the front office on the ship. Indonesian crewmen serve as cabin and restaurant stewards. Each group entertains the passengers with a show displaying their talents and some of their folk dances and songs. All of them work long hours at their regular jobs then practice and perform the show after all else is finished. Unfortunately we were finished before the Indonesian crew got to put their show on state. Here are some pictures snapped during the show put on by the Filipino crew men and women.

Two Talented Singers

Both of these men should be able to get jobs in the entertainment industry.
At the right is Omar Sariano, who often served us in the Crows Nest.
I didn't get the name of the singer on the left.
Photos: 11:39 PM and 11:56 PM

Philippine National dance - Tinikling!

Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble in San Francisco
LIKHA (pronounced "lick-ha") is a Tagalog root word meaning creation or creativity.
This linked document explains a little of the history of the Philippine Islands and also gives instructions of how to do this intricate dance.

The man dancing also served as M.C. for the show.

These dancers were strutting their stuff at 12:31 AM.


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