ms Rotterdam

The Lido Pool

Almost Glass, and All Is Well

We take time out to make a quick check on the weather and the state of the sea.
We never thought we'd see the Atlantic Ocean like this. April 12th, 12:33 PM

Well, that was yesterday!

These pictures were taken April 13th, 9:50 AM. The seals in the sculpture at the far end of the pool seem to be hanging on for dear life.


The water in the Lido Pool illustrates the kind of mood the sea is in today.


This is only the second day at sea, and nobody seems to be bothered by the rockin' and rollin'. I just wasn't sure that these pictures would be sharp with all the weaving to stay upright.
People did have the good sense to stay out of the pool until it calmed down a bit.

Business as Usual

By 4:00 PM things were back to normal with folks using the pools.

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