ms Rotterdam

Galley Tour

April 13, 2005

Hot Kitchen

They prepare all the hot food in this area.

Free Samples

They had a plate of hor d'erves out for us as a welcome gesture.
The flower and vegetable displays were for us as well.


Meal Prep Going On Here

That's a big bag of onions, and a cook is bringing what appears to be a bottle of vinegar.
I'm guessing a great sauce is going to be the result of what they are doing here.

The Chef and his assistants are to be commended.
The food on the Rotterdam was as good or better than any other ship we have cruised.

Here's what we consume in an average week.
Meat and meat products 8500 lbs       Poultry 4000 lbs
Fish 2000 lbs Seafood 2500 lbs
Butter and Margarine 1100 lbs Fresh Vegetables 12000 lbs
Potatoes 4500 lbs Watermelon 1800 lbs
Eggs 18000 pcs Dairy 4000 qts
Sugar 700 lbs Ind. Sugar Packages 20000 pcs
Rice for crew 2100 lbs Caviar 20 lbs
Flour 2900 lbs Ice Cream 200 Gls

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