ms Rotterdam

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Understand the Term, High Seas

This picture was taken from about 60 feet above the surface, so it's hard to appreciate the height of the waves. Of course, these waves weren't really bad. People have experienced waves that were much higher in boats that were much smaller,
and without stabelizers to smooth-out the ride.


Lido Deck

The Lido deck is the center of many of the social activities.
The health club occupies the front portion of the deck.

The swimming pool and a couple of hot tub spas dominate the center of the deck. The roof is on rollers, so that it can open or close depending on the weather. The seals stay on their rock to add a festive touch to the atmosphere where you can get a hamburger any time of the day.

The buffet is on the back third of the deck. A quick meal is available here when one doesn't have time for the main dining room, or doesn't want to dress for a formal dinner on a particular day. We started the cruise with orchids on every table in the Lido Buffet. But those near the windows on the starboard (south) side of the ship didn't survive the sunlight long.

The Long Hall

And this wasn't all of it.
It's hard to criticize the cabin stewards for leaving the ammunition in the hall when they have so many cabins to clean, and do it twice while working around the passengers' schedules.

The Crow's Nest Bar

This is located on the top of the ship in the front. It makes an excellent observation lounge with the front windows lined with big overstuffed reclining leather chairs. You can enjoy a coctail before dinner (or anytime) and watch the world go by. There are groups of tables, a dance floor, and excellent entertainment.

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