ms Rotterdam

Crow's Nest Lounge & Dining Room

April 27, 2005, Adriatic Sea

A couple enjoys a pre-dinner cocktail in the Crow's Nest.

Crow's Nest Circular Bar

The bar is always a popular gathering place. While most were dressed for formal night in the dining room, there was one hold-out who had made other dining arrangements.

The Dining Room

A lot of the public rooms have glitzy reflective ceilings to help convey the feeling of higher ceilings than the ship actually affords. This picture was taken at 9:36 PM, and many of the diners have departed for other parts of the ship. Our group was often the last to leave.

Well, this is all for the Rotterdam tour. Next we will meet some of the people who made our cruise so enjoyable. If you'd prefer to jump right into the travel pictures, please use the button of your choice below.

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