Cavtat, Croatia

On the Dalmatian Coast

Photos by Pat Tyler
Thursday, April 28th 2005

Mausoleum & Hill - 042805-1122a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Another Shot At That Pretty Hill

Photo by Pat Tyler

View From The Quay

This was a little early for beach resorts. If it were summer time, this harbor would be sheltering some of the mega-yachts that make calls at ports around the world.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Terraced Hillsides

These terraces don't look well-tended. Our guide told us that farmers don't want to farm much any more. It's much easier to make a living in the tourist industry.
Although they have a beautiful country that invites tourism,
it's sad and a little scary that so many fields go
untended, and that they aren't raising
much food here.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Tour Boats at Anchor

There is much the guide could have shown us in Cavtat, including the way to the bathroom.
But it seems we were parked here until it was time to go to the farm for lunch.
Which is what we'll do now. We're sill a short drive from there.
For more information on Cavtat use this link.
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