The Dalmation Coast

as seen from the tour bus

Photos by Pat Tyler
Thursday, April 28th 2005

Looking Back on Dubrovnik

Fort Lovrij-042805-1023a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Fort Lovrijenac

Our road has taken us high above the city, and we look down on the Pile community, just outside the Pile Gate of the Old Town, and Fort Lovrijenac. The old story says that Venice wanted to build a fort on the isolated steep rock to keep Dubrovnik under control. Learning of this plan, the Dubrovnik Republic and her citizens made a great effort to construct their own fort on the rock in only three months. The Venetians came on their ships loaded with materials and found that they had been outwitted. The chroniclers put both this event and the foundation of Lovrijenac into 1018 or 1038. It is probable that the rock, because of its dominating position, was fortified even earlier.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Dubrovnik Old Town

There is the old walled city with Fort Lovrijenac behind it, just as it has been for centuries — except that it mostly has new bright orange-red tile roofs.

Photo by Pat Tyler

We climb higher and higher.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Panoramic View For The Starboard Side

Photo by Pat Tyler

The white limestone buildings with their orange-red roofs
shine against the bright blue sea and sky.
No wonder Odysseus' odessey brought him to this area on his way home from Troy!

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