Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photos by Pat Tyler on Thursday, April 28th
and Gertrude Meyer on Sunday, May 8, 2005.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Foyer to the Fort

Our Guide In Dubrovnik - 042805-745a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Our Guide
Left: Although a lot smaller, this area reminds me to a similar area we say at the city wall of Xian, China. This was a place where they could corral visitors while they decided whether or not it was safe to let them in. If they were deemed not safe, they could easily be dispatched. Right: We gather at the fountain to get some background on the city and learn that this will be our meeting place when it's time to move on to your next venue.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Big Onofrio's Fountain

Near the village entrance, this has become a meeting place for groups of people. While a girl passes by, a local musician in period costume readies his guitar and basket for a day of entertaining the tourists for coins.

City Bell Tower-042805-758a
Photo by Pat Tyler

City Bell Tower

Photo by Pat Tyler

Small Onofrio's Fountain

Photo by Pat Tyler

Paving Variety

Dubrovnik has a remarkable history. It was an independent, merchant republic for 700 years. They traded with Turkey, India, and had trade representatives in Africa. They had diplomatic relations with the English court in the middle ages. Its status was such that rich and powerful Venice was envious of this Croatian-Slav city.

The old town was completed in the 13th century and remains virtually unchanged to the present day. An earthquake nearly destroyed much of the city in 1667, and they rebuilt basically following the same plans. In 1991/2, the Serbs shelled the city causing considerable damage, but thanks to local efforts and international aid, the old town has been restored to its former beauty.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

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