Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photos by Pat Tyler on Thursday, April 28th
and Gertrude Meyer on Sunday, May 8, 2005.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

First Communion

Gertrude and Ernst Meyer toured Dubrovnik on a Sunday morning. Just before 10 AM they encountered this group of youngsters all decked out in white robes, and carrying flowers so they could participate in a procession at the ten o'clock mass in which they would partake in their first communion. This is an important and memorable day in the lives of young Catholic parisioners.

Cathedral plaza-042805-833a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Cathedral Plaza

Photo by Pat Tyler

Beside the Cathedral
Left: This is the plaza where the Meyers encountered the childred lined up for procession into the cathedral. The church façade is at the right edge of the picture. Right: This small plaza opens to the side of the Dubrovnik Cathedral. We were standing near the
entrance to the Duzdeva Palace, which we will see next.

StBlaise's Church - detail-042805-855a
Photo by Pat Tyler

St. Blasius watches over Dubrovnik

St. Blasius - 042805-759a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Scaffold-wrapped St. Blasius Church

Photo by Pat Tyler

St. Blasius Altar
Dubrovnik was heavily shelled during the recent war with the Serbs.
Some of the repairs are still underway.

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