Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Rector's Palace

Photos by Pat Tyler on Thursday, April 28th
and Gertrude Meyer on Sunday, May 8, 2005.

Duzdeva palaca-Rector's Palace -042805-805a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Duzdeva Palaca

Just a little of the cathedral shows in the background.

Balcony In Duzdeva palaca - Rector's Palace -042805-809a
Photo by Pat Tyler

The Courtyard

The rector of Dubrovnik lived here, but the palace, constructed beginning in 1435, was also a seat of government. The rector was not allowed to leave the palace during his short, 1-month term unless he was engaged in state business. The architecture combines Gothic and early Renaissance styles, and the palace today houses a museum with furnished rooms, historical exhibits, and baroque paintings. The museum entry is by way of the stairway in this picture.

Photo by Pat Tyler

The Only Current Residents

Photo by Pat Tyler

Entry to The Palace

Duzdeva palaca -042805-832a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Looking toward Sponza Palace

Photo by Pat Tyler

Side of St.Blasius Church

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