Photos by Gertrude Meyer
Tuesday, May 10th 2005

On the Dubrovnik City Wall

Wall&Fort Lovrij-051005-1148a
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

There's Fort Lovrijenac in the distance.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A Shell Of A House And A Rare Garden

About the only place that people can have space for planting is over the ruins of houses.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A New Roof Going On

In the background we can see St. Blaise Church with it's handsome dome and bell tower and a very old roof, the tiles are so old that they have turned almost black. The old roof is on the back annex of the building. The new roof on the main part testifies to the fact that the whole building didn't excape the canon fire.

Gertrude's comments regarding their walk on the city wall:
Regarding walking the Dubrovnik City Wall: it was fantastic! There were quite a few stairs, and step climbing is not one of my favorites, but there were stairs interspersed with level areas of walking, so it was bearable. As you can see the views were breathtaking. But what the pictures can't show you is the wonderful sea air. Down in town it was quite warm and the sun was rather blinding due to the light colored streets and buildings. Up on the wall, the light had a different quality. The warm sun combined with a fresh breeze off of the water was really invigorating. This bird's eye view of the city also let us see some of the bomb damage, see repaired homes, see thru windows and doors, peeking into the lives of the citizens of Dubrovnik, and be almost on eye level with church steeples.
Well our pictures have shown just about everything we did in Dubrovnik. It's time to go back to the ship and prepare for the sail-away party. Come along with us to ms Rotterdam. This will be our last night on board the ship. We will arrive in Venice in the morning.

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