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Photos © Pat Tyler Monday, May 2, 2005

Chelsea Dock - Thames-050205-343p
3:43 PM ~ Floating Dock on the River Thames

The afternoon low tide was at about 2 PM. If these boat owners intend to have access to Chelsea Harbor, they will have to wait for the next high tide to come in at 8:20 PM.
Tide differentials at London Bridge are approximately 4 meters, or 12 feet.
Notice the height of these pilings that hold the dock in place.
That is to allow the dock to rise and fall with the tide.

Boats on the Bank of the Thames-050205-341p
High and Dry

This picture of boats sitting on their keels gives new meaning to the term high and dry.
We previously have thought of that term when referring to desert locations.
Notice the terrace built into the river bank so the boats will
rest level when they are on the bottom during low tide.

Contrasts on the Thames-050205-343p
London is a city of contrasts.

That fact is well documented in this picture of the traditional church beside its glass neighbor with hi-rise apartments in the background.

The William B

This tour boat plies the Thames on a daily basis. This is one of our favorite kinds of sightseeing activities and we intended to ride on it, time and weather permitting.


Stay tuned for our tour of London in a classic coach.

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