Museum at the Roman Baths
Photos © Pat Tyler Wednesday, May 4, 2005

A Theatrical Mask

A 1st Century Lady

If you have an interest in learning more about the artifacts in the museum, here is a link to their Web site which has a lot of information about them. It tells where many of them were found, when, and the circumstances under which they were found.




The Roman plumbing and drainage system is still largely in place and shows the ingenuity of the Roman engineers. Lead pipes were used to carry hot spa water around the site using gravity flow. The Spring overflow is where surplus water from the Spring, not used in the baths, flows out to a Roman drain. The Roman great drain carries all the Spa water from the site to the River Avon a quarter mile away.

A cold plunge bath was a feature of many Roman bath houses, but rarely on this scale!
Here you could take an invigorating plunge after treatments in the warm and
hot rooms but you probably would not linger! The bath is 5'3" deep and
on one side has an underwater plinth on which a water feature,
probably a fountain, once stood.

This concludes the pictures from Bath. Next our tour goes through the Cotswold Hills on our way to Stratford Upon Avon and birthplace of William Shakespear. Please come along with us.

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