Pictures from Westminister Bridge
Photos © Pat Tyler Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The Houses of Parliment, Westminister Hall,
and a clock tower housing a clock known as Big Ben.

Just behind this complex is Westminister Abby. We will see it shortly.


The London Eye
To be more accurate, this is the top half of the London Eye. There is no venue in London that gives a better view of the city. It is across and up river just a little way from the Houses of Parliment.

The wheel carries 32 sealed, air conditioned, passenger capsules. Rotating at a rate of 0.6 mph, one revolution takes about 30 minutes to complete. The wheel does not usually stop to take on passengers; the rotation rate is so slow that passengers can easily walk on and off the moving capsules at ground level. A much smaller wheel was used during the latter part of the 19th Century, and just like the Eye, was for Londoner's and visitor's enjoyment.

The Eye was constructed in sections which were floated up the River Thames on barges and assembled lying flat on pontoons. Once the wheel was complete it was raised into its upright position by cranes.
The London Eye was built to be the centerpiece of London's Millenium Celebration.

Florence Nightengale Museum

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